Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's a Blog?

Blogs are websites that are easily and regularly updated. This makes them perfect for keeping readers and viewers aware of the latest information on an issue or subject. They can contain text, photos, audio and video. Many Blogs provide commentary, news or views on a particular subject, others serve as online journals or diaries.

The facility to leave comments on Blogs is an important feature that allows them to inter-act with readers and viewers. The potential to engage people through Blogs makes them great tools for reaching out and encouraging interest and participation. They can create a conversation between service providers and communities, helping improve consultation and create substantial 'evidence gathering' opportunities for those forming public policy.

Some Blogs have become community websites offering an online voice for local communities whilst offering very local news to a neigbourhood, village or town.

Blogs can also be used as a form of therapy allowing people to post in public but anonymously about the things that matter to them.

Blogs can be used to engage with a wider public audience and help encourage interest in your services or products. They can be used as online CVs or 'adverts'. Through clever use of keywords and other 'Blogger tricks' your Blog can get better placed rankings in Google and other search engines thereby widening your audience base.

How do I set a Blog up?

Blogs can be easily created in minutes and are easy to maintain and update. Best of all they can be created free of charge (although extra features can be purchased from those wishing to pay).

You can easily set up a Blog yourself and through trial and error eventually achieve the Blog you want and reach your audience. This can take some time and can be very enjoyable.

However, if you live in the Hedon area, and want a Blog setting up quickly and want coaching in all the facilities that a Blog has to offer, and want to reach specific audiences - then contact Ray.

With only a little online guidance , you will get a Blog with the potential to reach and engage with your chosen audience; one that ranks higher in search engines. This is offered FREE by me in order to encourage the development of the East Yorkshire blogosphere.

Your Blog will only be as good as the content provided from you/your organisation or its readers. So you, or someone within your organisation, needs to be tasked with updating your Blog regularly and seeking out new material to include. Just be warned - blogging can be an addictive past-time!!